Inderjith Davalur is a healthcare technology specialist, speaker, writer and utopian dreamer.

Inder works with hospitals committed to transforming the healthcare paradigm with the aid of new innovative technologies. His primary area of interest lies in using data analytics and technologies such as Deep Learning to shift the current physician-driven healthcare model to a patient-driven market dynamic.

Inder focuses on the manifold ways in which data crunching and machine learning can lead to better diagnoses that can not only be made at the time of illness, but predicted way before any symptoms surface. The path ahead in the sector, he believes, lies in the deployment of evolving technologies that immensely influence both diagnostic and therapeutic aspects of healthcare, delivering real patient-driven, data-enabled, informed healthcare.

Inder currently works as the Group CIO at KIMS Hospitals Private Limited, Hyderabad and has previously assumed leadership roles at leading hospitals and companies, in India and the United States of America. Not only has he helped implement EHR solutions and integrated IT solutions for hospitals, but as MIS Director of a private healthcare firm that managed 14 hospitals spread over four states in New England, US, he pioneered the concept of a Data Dashboard in 1993. During this phase, he worked on the Patient Privacy and Electronic Records Committee for the states of Massachusetts and Georgia that gave birth to the widely known Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996.

Passionate about his work, Inder enjoys sharing his experiences and learnings at healthcare conferences and events he is invited to speak at. When he is not working, Inder finds repose in music, reading, writing and charcoal sketching. Curious, impulsive and oddly analytical, he experiments with varied genres where his hobbies are concerned, and is not above writing the occasional poem that doesn’t rhyme.




Currently, Group CIO
of KIMS Hospitals, Hyderabad, India.

Focuses on delivering a large IT initiative for operational efficiency across the KIMS group, to bring a data-driven approach through the use of ERP and data analytics.


Chief Information Officer, Walden Behavioral Care, USA,

Managed the transition of Walden from a paper-based patient record to EMR by integrating the clinical, billing and ancillary (laboratory and pharmacy) services.

Vice President, Continental Hospitals, India,

Inder worked with the Board and Chairman to replace a previously commissioned EMR with a custom one more suited to their needs. This moved helped the hospital save millions in outlay. Role also necessitated, heading hospital administration in all non-clinical areas.

Group Chief Information Officer, Global Hospitals

Deployed comprehensive IT system across their hospitals in four states of Southern and Western India. Instrumental in designing and commissioning state of the art data center and IT infrastructure for a new unit in Bombay.

Chief Executive Officer, Aosta Software Company

Headed a software company as CEO with a Hospital Information System as its flagship product. Tripled revenues in the first 16 months through product enhancement and re-positioning in the market.



Worked and consulted with various organizations in the USA in roles that focused on using IT in medical management. Positions involved managing EMR implementation projects, evaluating the technical viability and operability of a patient treatment modality systems, administration of IT department, creating information dashboard unifying patient and financial stats from 12 hospitals across New England region, serving on Massachusetts State IT & Patient Privacy panel, serving on the Georgia State IT & Patient Privacy panel, etc.

Some of the organizations Inder has worked with include IMNET/HBOC-McKesson, Georgia Dept. of Health , Choate Medical Systems, New England Medical Center.

Inder has also briefly experimented with entrepreneurship, running a successful premium European car servicing agency.


MS [1991 – 1993] – University of Massachusetts, USA

MBA [1980 – 1983] – PSG College of Technology, India



A Webinar on The Future of jobs in a world of AI & Robotics for Students of PSG Institute of Management & PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore, India.

The summit would ponder & conclude over the current relevant shifts apparent in the Indian healthcare landscape from the perspective of integration of advanced technologies & penetration of health insurance to the remotest corners due to the proactive approach of both state and central governments, as well as undoubtedly private players.

For the first time dynamic CIO partners with the Center of Excellence - IoT (A joint venture initiative of ERNET and NASSCOM) bringing a new dimension to amplify the innovation in Healthcare technology.
Award: Healthcare Transformation, New Delhi. NASSCOM & Dynamic CIO sponsored.

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Seek to bring together major stakeholders of the country’s healthcare system on the HLF platform to deliberate, discuss and take proactive measures to create a ‘Roadmap for Inclusive Healthcare in India’.